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Really Simple SSL Pro WordPress Plugin Features

  • Extensive scan which enables you to detect the source of mixed content that couldn’t be fixed automatically, with fix button.
  • Premium email support
  • HTTP Only and secure flags to make cookies secure/encrypted.
  • Improve security by enabling HTTP Strict Transport Security for your site.
  • Mixed content fixer for the back end
  • Submit your site to the HSTS preload list.
  • Easy implementable security headers: X-Content-Type-Options, X-XSS-Protection, X-Frame-Options, Expect-CT, Certificate Transparency, No Referrer When Downgrade header, Content Security Policy, Upgrade Insecure requests. Read the security headers article for more info.

Securing websites with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption is crucial to protect sensitive user data and ensure a safe browsing experience. Really Simple SSL Pro, a popular WordPress plugin, simplifies the process of enabling SSL and managing HTTPS settings for WordPress websites. In this article, we explore the benefits and features of Really Simple SSL Pro, highlighting how it enhances security and simplifies SSL implementation for WordPress users.

  1. Effortless SSL Certificate Activation: Really Simple SSL Pro takes the hassle out of acquiring and activating SSL certificates for WordPress websites. With just a few clicks, users can effortlessly enable SSL encryption and transition their websites from HTTP to HTTPS. The plugin automatically detects the SSL certificate and configures the necessary settings, eliminating the need for manual configuration and reducing the chances of errors during the setup process.
  2. Mixed Content Fixer: One of the significant challenges when transitioning to HTTPS is dealing with mixed content issues. Mixed content occurs when a website contains both secure (HTTPS) and non-secure (HTTP) elements, leading to security warnings and potential vulnerabilities. Really Simple SSL Pro includes a powerful Mixed Content Fixer feature that automatically detects and resolves mixed content issues. It converts all non-secure URLs to secure ones, ensuring a seamless and secure browsing experience for website visitors.
  3. HTTP to HTTPS Redirects: To ensure that visitors always access the website through the secure HTTPS protocol, Really Simple SSL Pro offers automatic HTTP to HTTPS redirection. Once SSL is activated, the plugin automatically redirects HTTP requests to the corresponding HTTPS URLs. This feature not only improves the security of the website but also helps maintain consistent branding and prevent potential SEO penalties caused by duplicate content.
  4. Extended Security Headers: Really Simple SSL Pro provides an additional layer of security by offering extended security headers functionality. It enables users to easily implement security headers like Content Security Policy (CSP), Strict Transport Security (HSTS), and Referrer Policy. These headers enhance the website’s security posture by mitigating common vulnerabilities such as cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks and clickjacking.
  5. Multi-Site Compatibility and Central Management: For WordPress multisite installations, Really Simple SSL Pro ensures seamless SSL implementation across all network sites. It supports network-wide SSL configuration, making it easy to manage SSL settings for multiple sites from a central location. This centralized management simplifies the SSL setup process and provides consistent security across all network sites.

Conclusion: Really Simple SSL Pro is a powerful WordPress plugin that simplifies the process of enabling SSL encryption and managing HTTPS settings for WordPress websites. With features like effortless SSL certificate activation, mixed content fixing, HTTP to HTTPS redirects, extended security headers, and multi-site compatibility, the plugin enhances security and simplifies SSL implementation. By using Really Simple SSL Pro, WordPress users can ensure the protection of sensitive data, build trust with visitors, and provide a secure browsing experience for their website users.

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